The Contribution of the Dynamic Capabilities to Promote Sustainability in Industrial and Service Companies

Bruna Carolina Pospichil, Cristiane Froehlich, Cristine Hermann Nodari, Serje Schmidt, Raquel Engelman Machado


The objective of this research is to identify the contribution of dynamic capabilities to promote sustainability in companies located in the regions of Vale do Sinos and Paranhana, in the state Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The study is an exploratory and qualitative research through a study of multiple cases. The primary and secondary data collected were analyzed using qualitative content analysis. It was found that dynamic capabilities can be addressed through the six subcapacities of Day and Schoemaker (2016) and operationalized by elements presented by Teece, Pisano and Shuen (1997) and Teece (2007, 2014) as trajectory, position and organizational processes. Sustainability practices performed by the investigated companies were identified and they relate to each one of the six sub-capabilities. The companies operate directly with the three pillars of sustainability by performing actions in order to reach each one of them and maximise its sustainability results. By exposing the context, the vision of the future, training and self-responsibility are characterized in an exploratory and constructive way for the process of development of sustainability.


Dynamic Capability. Sub-capabilities. Sustainability.

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