Measurement of Creating Shared Value in the construction industry

Keully Cristynne Aquino Diógenes, Sérgio Henrique Arruda Cavalcante Forte


The Creating Shared Value (CSV) theory introduced new aspects that must be measured and considered for an organization. This research aims to elaborate a tool which can enable the monitoring of CSV in the construction industry. For this purpose, a bibliographic survey and a consultation to specialists in the area about questions concerned with the theme and that compromise the performance of the construction industry were accomplished. The proposed model was evaluated through a questionnaire structured by eighteen entrepreneurs of the sector. The Multi-Attribute Global Inference of Quality (MAGIQ) technique was applied to the definition of the weight of the elements in the established hierarchy. After that, through the calculation of partial rates, as through the elaboration of a general index, it was possible to obtain a CSV evaluation tool. The results indicate that the generation of shared value through the redefinition of the value chain is the most relevant one for the construction industry sector and that the business dimension is more important than the environmental and social ones. In relation to categories, the ones from business dimension Quality management, Cost reduction and Financial performance, which presented the biggest global weights, are the most prominent. For social dimension, the relevance found for the category Education is important, which was the most important one in all evaluated scenarios. Finally, for the environmental dimension, it is important to detach Water, which, adding all the global weight, was the most important category, differing from the present systems of evaluation of sustainable construction.

Keywords: measurement, shared value creation, indicators, civil engineering industry.


Mensuração; Geração de valor compartilhado; Indicadores; Indústria da construção civil

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