Structural analysis of relationships between Motivation, Satisfaction and Creative Suggestions

Fabiana Pinto de Almeida Bizarria, Flávia Lorenne Sampaio Barbosa, Márcia Zabdiele Moreira, Alexandre Rabelo Neto


The research analyzes the relationship between Satisfaction at work and Extrinsic Motivation (Identified and Introduced) as well as Intrinsic Motivation in Creative Suggestions, a dimension of Organizational Citizenship. For that, a sample of 140 workers from a universe of 270 of the operational sector of a cotton producing farm located in the countryside of the State of Piauí was used. The following scales were used to collect data: (i) the translated version of the Motivation at Work Scale (MAWS), by Gagné et al. (2010), presented by Grohmann et al., (2013); (ii) the Job Satisfaction Scale (EST), reduced version, presented by Siqueira (2008); (iii) the Creative Suggestions dimension of the Organizational Citizenship Behavior Scale (Bastos et al., 2014). The hypotheses were measured using a structural model, estimated by the Partial Least Squares Path Modeling (PLS-PM) method. Eight hypotheses were tested, with the following being accepted: H1: Satisfaction at work is positively related to Creative Suggestions; H4: The Dimensions of Motivation (Introduced H4a +), (Identified H4b +) and (Intrinsic H4c +) are positively related to Organizational Satisfaction. The results indicate that greater investment in Work satisfaction has a great effect (R2 51%, f2 0,64) on Creative Suggestions. The data suggest that, for Work Satisfaction, the influence of motivation is independent of the degree of self-determination (less self-regulation – Introjected and Identified, greater self-regulation – Intrinsic). Since the relationship between the dimensions of Motivation and Creative Suggestions was not significant, the mediation of Satisfaction was not identified.

Keywords: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation, Creative Suggestions, Theory of Self-determination, satisfaction at work.


Motivação Intrínseca e Extrínseca. Sugestões Criativas. Teoria da Autodeterminação. Satisfação no trabalho.

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