Co-Authorship In Management In Brazil: Pressures, Complementarities And Productivity

Manuel Portugal Vasconcelos Ferreira, Renata Canela, Cláudia Frias Pinto, Christian Daniel Falaster


This study aims at understanding why Brazilian management scholars write in co-authorship, what contributions it guarantees and which criteria and practices are used to order authorship in the articles. Given the evidence that the majority of articles are written in co-authorship, this study contributes to understand the reality of Management at university as to what drives researchers to write in co-authorship. The data used were collected through a survey from a sample of 171 respondents that published in Brazilian journals of Management, and subject to descriptive statistical analyses. This study contributes to the current debate on the pressures to publish and the co-authorship ties in Management. With the co-authorships the researchers search to pool together complementary competences and knowledge and increase the number and quality of the articles. Effective collaboration in co-authorship is what researchers value and seek, perhaps given the greater perceived difficulty to publish in higher status journals, but the diversity of motivations that preside to the co-authorships permit to anticipate they will develop collaborative networks of research with high diversity.

Keywords: co-authoring, co-authors, scientific publications, publishing, collaborative research, Management.


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