Organizational change implementation: An artifact proposal from an application in an immunobiological institution

Priscila Ferraz Soares, Christina Figueira Menezes Cerqueira, Daniel Pacheco Lacerda


The research object of this investigation is the planning of organizational changes. Moreover, the main objective of the study is the proposal of an artifact for planning organizational changes. To this end, the Design Science Research is used as a research method. The study was conducted through a literature review that supported the first version of the artifact proposal, followed by the application of the method in a real case, an organization of immunobiological sector that is facing the planning of transferring operations to a new material warehouse. The method was evaluated through focus groups and the results were satisfactory. A detailed description of the artifact after refinements is presented, including the sequence of steps and outputs. The contributions of the work involve the proposition of the method itself and the advancement of researches in Change Management and Design Science.

Keywords: Change Management, Design Science Research, planning change.

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