Analyzing the inter-relations between sustainability and competences: a study in an electro-electronic industry

Luciano Munck, Rafael Borim de Souza


This article aims to improve the debate about links for a better alignment between corporate sustainability and organizational competences. The theoretical discussions state that coherent organizational competences may promote better results in the development of the economic, environmental and social pillars of the corporate sustainability. The research is mixed (quantitative and qualitative) and required a bibliographical survey and the application of a case study methodology in the ‘Empresa ISE’. The case study counted with the realization of no structured interviews, the analysis of the content of these interviews, the application of research forms and the realization of semi structured interviews. These data were analyzed by the methodological triangulation between methods technique. The organizational competences of the ‘Empresa ISE’, regarding the actions to promote the pillars of sustainability, do not have managerial epresentativeness. This impairs the process of linking individuals and organizations in a systemic comprehension of reality, in which men can be recognized as transformation agents and the organizations can be accepted as the place where all these revolutions are received, treated and disseminated.

Key words: sustainability, competences, organization.


Sustentabilidade. Competências. Organização.

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