Accounting disclousure and divulgation of the use of judicial deposits at the federal level

Fanny keller Alves de Aquino, João Henrique Pederiva


The article discusses the procedures of accounting disclosure and divulgation of the use of judicial deposits at the federal level, considering the principles of accounting theory, fiscal responsibility and tax, fiscal and constitutional laws. The descriptive and normative approach compares the recommendations observed in the review of bibliography with the actual accounting practices in the use of these deposits. Data analysis is qualitative and focuses on the attributes of reliability, integrity and relevance of the financial information. It finds that the accounting disclosure and divulgation do not meet the principles of prudence, opportunity and responsibility and do not comply with the provisions of the Fiscal Responsibility Act about the divulgation of fiscal risks. Thus, this accounting information is not transparent, relevant or reliable. It does not faithfully reflect the reality of the federal assets and liabilities and does not show their changes in a true and fair way. The article suggests improvements in the accounting practices aiming at a better representation of the financial situation and the results achieved in each period at the federal level. It does so according to the principles cited and the primacy of substance over form. 

Key words: accounting disclosure and divulgation, principles of accounting theory, principles of fiscal responsibility, judicial deposits.

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